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A photo of four women all grouped together smiling at the camera. The women are holding large cardboard cut-outs of a pair of scissors and a screwdriver. The purpose of these cut outs is to promote repairing items, community repair groups and repair cafes to try encourage more circular thinking.

Fixfest 2023

Our team attended Fixfest in Cardiff in September and had an inspiring day of workshops, talks and…

A range of vegetable dishes in large metal trays ready to be served at a conference. The dishes are made up of local, organic, seasonal (Autumn) and surplus vegetables

CAG Somerset Launch – Nov 2023

We are incredibly excited to announce that the new CAG Somerset is launched! We have a dedicated…

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People powered change

We support and help community action groups who focus on re-use, repair, reduction, sharing, surplus food or composting.

A picture of a community allotment. wooden planters are in neat rows with small paths between them. Within the planters are different green leafy plants of varying heights. In some planters are canes growing peas. All plants appear to be seasonal summer vegetables. To the back right of the image are some sheds and the community allotment continues right through the image