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Wednesday, 17 January 2024

Green New Years Resolutions

Happy 2024 everyone! If you’re seeking New Year’s Resolution inspiration, we’ve got some achievable and feel-good suggestions to kickstart your year on a positive note.  

Fix and Mend at Repair Cafés: 

In 2024, make a commitment to sustainability by getting your broken items fixed at your local repair café instead of throwing them away. Somerset’s repair network provides a great resource. Embrace a culture of repair and reduce waste. 

Combine Litter Picking with Wholesome Activities: 

In 2024, why not commit to a weekly or monthly litter pick in your local area, turning it into a wholesome activity by combining it with a dog walk or a catch-up with friends. Make a positive impact on your community while enjoying the outdoors. 

Keep Unwanted Items in Circulation: 

Declutter responsibly in 2024 by keeping unwanted items in circulation. Make a resolution to sell them on platforms like Vinted, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace to make some money. Alternatively, consider donating to charity or participating in SwapShops for a sustainable approach. 

Maximise Donation and Recycling Efforts:  

Make a commitment to donating and recycling as much as possible in 2024. Explore options from kerbside recycling to dedicated recycling points. Ensure that items beyond repair find a responsible end. 

Embrace Secondhand First with the Traid Pledge: 

Make a fashion statement in 2024 by committing to buy #SecondhandFirst. Take the Traid pledge and fill your wardrobe with unique pre-loved items. Learn more at Traid Secondhand First Pledge.

Volunteer with Local Community Groups: 

Explore your interests and skills by volunteering with a local community group. Whether it’s baking, tree planting, repairing, or social media, there’s a community group waiting for your support. Make new friends and contribute to the well-being of your community in 2024. 

Reduce Food Waste for a Greener Planet: 

Make a goal to reduce your food waste in 2024. Improve your meal planning skills or explore creative recipes to use up leftovers. This resolution benefits both the planet and your pocket. 

Embrace these resolutions to bring positive change into your life and make a meaningful impact on your community and the environment. Wishing you a fulfilling and purposeful 2024! 

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