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Introducing the CAG Somerset Small Grants Fund! 
We are looking for groups who are passionate about reuse, repair, waste reduction, sharing, surplus food and composting. CAG Somerset is offering £300 (per group) in funding to support you in making a difference in your local community and develop your groups projects.  

Focus area 

The aim of this fund is to empower groups dedicated to increasing reuse, repair, waste reduction, sharing, surplus food and composting in Somerset. The fund can be used to expand or support your engagement work. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your efforts, we’re here to support you.   

Examples of what we can fund are:  

  • activities, meetings and events   
  • training (for groups of 3 or more people only)   
  • capital costs including, but not limited to, resources and equipment  
  • promotional material 
  • insurance 

We can’t fund:  

  • core costs beyond staff salary for direct contact time, such as management costs, admin or planning time  
  • training for an individual only  
  • activities which generate profit that is not reinvested in the group or a charitable cause  
  • activities which have already happened 


The activities, services or resources the funding will provide/support should be:  

  • to support the aim of reuse, repair, reduction, sharing, surplus food and composting  
  • not for profit  
  • for the benefit a group of people, not an individual or solely an individual’s close relatives 


The fund is open to a wide range of community groups that meet our focus area. All applicants must be:  

  • a constituted group, not an individual  
  • a CAG Somerset network member  
  • working with at least three people on reuse, repair, reduction, sharing, surplus food and composting (or relevant activity being funded)  
  • based in or providing services in Somerset   

The application process 

To apply, please complete our CAG Somerset Small Grants Application Form. Our application process is designed to be light-touch and responses are limited to a maximum of 2 paragraphs per question.  After the deadline, applications will be reviewed by an informal panel and decisions will be made using guidance from our Small Grants Policy and Guidelines. Majority vote will be accepted for decision making and we will contact all applicants to let you know if you have been successful.  

Receipt of Funding  

Successful applicants will be invited to sign an agreement, the grant will be paid within 14 days following the completion of the Grant Agreement. Funds are to be used within 6 months of receipt.

For further information please read our grant guidelines below.

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