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Community is at the heart of everything we do and we want to champion you! Join our network for support, training, connections and growth.

Membership Benefits

CAG Somerset provides free support to our network of community action groups. We are currently focused on re-use, repair, reduction, sharing, surplus food or composting.

Our support is tailored to you, so please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our remit includes:  

  • Advice, support and mentoring with group set-up and growth from our friendly team.  
  • Free training courses and resources.  
  • Peer-to-peer skills-sharing and learning. 
  • Support with basic governance.  
  • Operational support e.g. risk assessment support.  
  • Access to apply for grant funding.  
  • Insurance support.
  • Fundraising support. 
  • Publicity through CAG Somerset channels. 
  • Support with measuring your groups impact.  

Our approach

CAG Somerset membership is completely free of charge. Our approach is one of empowerment. Building on your passion and commitment, we will work with you to help improve sustainability within your community and equip you with the tools, skills and insights you need to increase your impact. We also champion mutual knowledge, enabling people to learn from the experiences of others in our network.  

We welcome all groups and will support you on your community action journey from concept to thriving group and everything in between!   

We also welcome ideas. We need creatives, motivators and inspirational people to rethink how we view our things. Please feel free to get in touch with us about your ideas, concepts or plans, we would love to support you on your development journey and connect you with knowledgeable and inspiring individuals.  

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People powered change

We support and help community action groups who focus on re-use, repair, reduction, sharing, surplus food or composting.

A picture of a community allotment. wooden planters are in neat rows with small paths between them. Within the planters are different green leafy plants of varying heights. In some planters are canes growing peas. All plants appear to be seasonal summer vegetables. To the back right of the image are some sheds and the community allotment continues right through the image