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Friday, 16 February 2024

CAG March Training Series

Here at CAG Somerset we have been working closely with our neighbours across the border in Devon to bring you some fantastic training opportunities! We wanted to offer some training that would cover key sustainability principles and offer clear and easy ways that groups can better promote and market their aims and activities to their community. The aim is for these events to be fun, informative and interactive and after months of plotting and planning, the CAG March Training Series is here!

3 brilliant online training sessions are planned to cover a range of topics from circular economy to social media! These events are completely FREE to anyone who wishes to join so please do share these with your groups and connections.

Our fantastic topics hosted jointly by CAG Devon and CAG Somerset are:

An introduction to the circular economy

Free online event on Thursday 07th March 7-8:30pm

Join us to explore the key principles of the circular economy and discover ways that they can be applied to modern life. With an update on the world of circular economy policy and information on how we can make our communities more circular, this training is not to be missed! Sign up here:

An introduction to encouraging sustainable behaviour change

Free online event on Monday 18th March 7-8:30pm

Human behaviour is complex, mysterious, and incredibly interesting! Join us for an introduction to changing behaviours that aims to de-mystify why people behave the way they do and provide you with key behaviour change tools to use in real life. Sign up here:

Building your communications

Free online event on Tuesday 26th March 7-8:30pm

Do you want to improve your communications skills? Effective communication is the driving force behind successful community groups. It serves as the vital link between members, stakeholders, and the wider community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your community engagement skills! Sign up here:

Please do reserve your spot, we cant wait to see you!

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